Thursday, March 16, 2006

Kathleen Ross: "Its part of my demonstration".

I am at a loss for words after listening to the Dueck - Jabber posted at News - Dueck is giving dictation from his notes he is seen making during the video taped interview disclosure of Kathleen Ross. It is not the dead babies, drinking blood and the other incredible acts of stupidity put into the head of a 8 year old girl that I find so disturbing. It is what Kathleen said: “Its part of my demonstration and got out her own doll and a knife.

Where are the demonstration tapes? Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services were making a demonstration tape staring 8 year old Kathleen Ross with the intention of educating the courts and the public about the satanic ritual abuse of children. The police taped interview was made in 1990. The star of the Saskatchewan Justice/Social Services porn production, Kathleen Ross, was left to be sodomized, raped and tortured until January 1994.

A letter to Murray Brown, Director of Appeals, Public Prosecutions from Matthew K. Miazga dated July 23, 1992.

“It is my view that these types of disclosures are going to become more and more frequent in the future and if nothing else, the testimony of these types of experts can slowly go towards educating the court and public as to the existence and legitimacy of these types of disclosures which up until now have been largely discounted not only by the public but by the authorities as well. In regards to the witness on ritual and Satanic abuse, I have canvassed locally and although there are people with experience in this area, no one comes close to the stature of someone such as Dr. Fraser in terms of his experience and knowledge in the area.”

A letter to Sheila Gagne, Head Department of Social Services from Matthew K. Miazga dated January 21, 1992.

“Finally I would like to thank you and other personnel fom the Department of Social Services who met with Ms. Hansen and myself while these cases were ongoing. The case was perhaps one of the most difficult that both of us have faced in our careers for various reasons and found that the support shown encouraged us to continue on.”

Is the Klassen appeal in the interest of justice and the future protection of Saskatchewan Children or is it a means of protecting Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services. Jail these sick people, and the judges who protected them. Clean the stink and rot out of Saskatchewan Justice.

News Dueck - Jabber
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From Matt Miazga's letters to his co-conspirators


Admin said...

I cried James in knowing the twins have suffered! The torture is ...,and the twins have to live with it everyday.

J. Lucas said...

While I refuse to allow certain information or images on my site, you were not the only one who broke down. When my husband and I visited a certain town in British Columbia, the damage done to the nurturing ability, was apparent. These so called wards of the Government of Saskatchewan, were allowed to be destroyed. The cover-up by Saskatchewan Justice, is criminal.

J. Lucas said...
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James Hunter said...

When posting a comment the post at times will not appear on the site until it is posted a second time. I have deleted the second identical post above. Please post again if your post does not appear on the site. Thank you for posting, the truth about what happened to the Ross Children needs to be told.

I would also like to add that what happened to the Ross children in Saskatchewan and Saskatoon is not a reflection of the caring people of Saskatchewan and Saskatoon. The truth about what happened to the Ross children was deliberately kept from the people of Saskatchewan. If you are from outside of Saskatchewan you may not understand why the authorities would go to the lengths they did to keep the citizens of Saskatchewan from finding out the truth. Will there be justice for the Ross children and Johanna Lucas, there is no question in my mind about that. Let the citizens of Saskatchewan know what happened to the Ross children and Johanna Lucas.

I do not know how the people of Saskatchewan will respond, there are three people in Saskatchewan who they could ask for help and guidance, Johanna Lucas, John Lucas and Robert Borden. A good start would be to ask the Ross children to return home to Saskatchewan and give them what they were denied, help them to raise their children.