Thursday, November 10, 2005

The rape of 8 year old girls.

The article By ROBERT MATAS, Globe and Mail, October 26, 2005 is the first time that I have read anything in the media about the two twin 8 year old girls who were left to be sexually assaulted for four years in Saskatoon.

Saskatoon lawyer Robert Borden is quoted as saying , “She also told the social worker that she was being sexually assaulted by a sibling, and the social worker left her with the sibling for four years.”

She has a twin sister, she was also left to be raped for four years.

In 1993 when Johanna Lucas picketed to let the public know the girls were being raped and in need of help, she was gagged with a court order and jailed. The following day her husband John Lucas picketed, he was gagged and jailed. They have been persecuted in Saskatchewan for the past 12 years by Saskatchewan Justice. Mr Lucas was again charged two years ago with defamatory libel. Paragraph 12 of his court gag order prevents Mr Lucas from telling people about these two 8 year old girls who were left to be sexually assaulted in Saskatoon.

12. Not to communicate in any way on a website or e-mail with anyone regarding his Court case, or anything that pertains to child sex abuse in the Province of Saskatchewan. He can download but he can’t upload information on his computer in relation to these matters.

Robert Borden’s law partner, Edward Holgate, was told at the Lucas’s Appeal when he voiced his concerns about the injustice in Saskatchewan courts to “sit down, shut up, and do not say another word.” In July 1993 ,Robert Borden was taken to the Law Society of Saskatchewan by the Crown attorney's office for comments he made to the media about the false charges brought against his clients and the conduct of the prosecution. Within a week Mr Borden was also falsely accused of rape. He filed a Statement of Claim for damages and it ended.

I reported a Saskatoon lawyer to the police for filing a false claim of lien under the Builders Lien Act. The police investigated and sent the file to the prosecutors office with a recommendation to lay charges. The homeowner was told it was a “civil matter”. False affidavits and forged documents are not “civil matters”.

In divorce proceedings shortly after, my wife’s lawyer was a former law partner of the lawyer I reported to the police, she was also a former law partner of the trial judge. The trial judge was also a former law partner of the lawyer I reported to the police. Like hundreds of other Canadians across Canada I started to tell my story on the internet. It was just another story of judicial corruption. The rule of law has collapsed in Saskatchewan. Anyone that speaks out about the corruption within the administration of justice in Saskatoon will find out what it is like to live in a police state.

The twin girls were separated, one moved to a BC foster home and the other to a Manitoba foster home when people started filing court actions for damages in Saskatoon. No one knew where the three children were.

It has been reported on that one of the girls in BC has been threatened.

“Meanwhile she has a lawsuit pending with the Saskatchewan government and has been told if she leaves B.C. she will lose visitation rights to her kids.”

These two girls are not responsible for what happened in Saskatchewan. They are young adults now. Coming forward and recanting their testimony should have been seen as an act of courage. It was not, it was seen as an opportunity by everyone to further victimize and blame 8 year old children for the brake down of the rule of law in Saskatchewan. What happened to these girls in Saskatchewan was sick and perverted. They are now being treated the same way in BC as they were in Saskatchewan?

The Government of Saskatchewan has engaged in a on going cover-up of the child-abuse hysteria, the brake down of the rule of law and the worst case of child abuse at the hands of government officials and courts in Saskatchewan history. The girls had no reason to apologise to anyone, it is Canada that needs to apologise to them.

Why did only one women in Canada, Johanna Lucas do anything to help these girls? This is not just Saskatchewan’s shame, it is Canada’s shame. The three children received no help in Saskatchewan. The girls were used, abused, raped and discarded in British Columbia and Manitoba by the Government of Saskatchewan.


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Admin said...

Hi James,
It is Canada's Justice System which would only have this type of injustice, of two little girls. Left to fall, exposing only more cracks of the justice system! I am not surprised. What I can not understand is why the police's sexual crime unit has not looked into the assaults? It also speaks too the issue of real help for sexual abuse victims. Lost in red tape, miss filed on someone's desk! Only time and outrage will tell the true story! Sincerely Holly Desimone

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly

Before Johanna Lucas picketed Mr Lucas contacted the police, prosecutors, his M.P., the Dean of Law, senior people within the Child Protective Service and many others. No one Mr Lucas contacted helped the children. They picketed and were arrested in front of the Saskatoon police station and the girls were left to be raped for 43 months.

I agree, there is no help for victims or their families in Canada.

The story of what happened to the girls and Johanna Lucas needs to be told. I sometimes wonder if Canadians just don’t care anymore. One travesty of justice and government corruption after the other has had a numbing effect. Without public support for Mr Borden and the girls court case they will just be two more victims of injustice in Canada.

There must be a women’s rights group or some other group that could support and help Mr Borden in his quest for truth and justice for these girls.