Saturday, January 15, 2005

“Eat your weakest man”

There is talk of disbanding the Saskatoon City Police Service. The Canadian Airborne Regiment was disbanded after Canadian soldiers tortured a Somali teenager caught stealing from the Canadian base in Somalia. The Regiment was in the control of a small band of solders who did not display the Canadian Flag, they proudly displayed a battle flag that is a symbol for the likes of the KKK. This lack of authority and leadership at the command level left members of the Canadian military demoralized knowing that their so called leaders were incapable of supporting them and that their leaders lacked the very skills and knowledge that the members of the Canadian forces at the platoon and commando levels had themselves been trained to deal with. Who would have thought that “Eat your weakest man” was not a new recruit, but the leadership.

The talk of disbanding the police service is nothing more then another Saskatoon media fuelled hysteria. At the height of the latest media hysteria the mayor was interviewed and he did something not seen for some time in Saskatoon, he showed leadership qualities, he stood up for Saskatoon City Police Officers. I would hope he continues. He needs to find out why a large percent of Saskatoon Police Officers do not support the chief of police and insure that the hearings in May for the two officers fired as a result of the Stonechild Inquiry are conducted fairly, with due process, and does not end up being another incongruous charade to sell newspapers.

The family of Neil Stonechild is asking for compensation. This family should not be subjected to the same treatment by the city legal department protecting Superintendent Dueck that the Klassen’s, John Lucas and his wife and others were subjected to. They should not have to endure the fear strategy of the Attorney Generals office or the Star Chamber Proceedings of the Kings and Queens in the Court of Queen’s Bench that kept a crown prosecutor named Terry Hinz from speaking the truth for ten years. Mr Hinz was silent for the same reason a lawyer who was asked to help me said, “I do not want Justice Dovell after me“.

Saskatoon needs to start supporting Saskatoon Police Officers and the mayor and police commission need to know that they will be supported in their attempts to clean up this police force. The Stonechild inquiry has raised more questions then answered, it is clear on one thing, the Saskatoon Police Service failed in its duty to the Stonechild family. The Stonechild family is asking for a written apology and compensation. Show some leadership and give it to them, we have witnessed the value of Chief Sabo’s verbal insincere and worthless public apology to Richard Klassen and the irresponsibility of the city legal department with the tax payers money. It is time to start doing what is right, not just for the Stonechild family who have suffered enough, do it in the memory of a 16 year old kid left to freeze to death in a city claiming to have Christian beliefs and values.

James Hunter

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